Expat dating amsterdam

The ‘klauwstukken’ or ornamental hoods, elaborated upon a very basic façade and shape.

Next time I cycle along the canals I will be gable-spotting much more intently!

These miniature houses are for sale at a stall on the Saturday Lindenmarkt, company contact details here.

I believe these ‘All In The House’ gable miniatures are also on sale at the Amsterdam Cheese Museum.

As far as one can generalize, Amsterdam women strike you as fairly independent.

Each design features a different gable, representing some of the designs found along Amsterdam’s Ring of Canals.

The Bell Gable 1660-1790 Dating from the 17 century and popular over a long period of time, the Bell gable, appropriately enough mimics the shape of a church bell.

Resembling an inverted funnel, the Tuit gable became common along the Brouwersgracht in 17 century.

After the decline of Dutch supremacy in international trade, many owners replaced their elaborately decorated gables with the plainer, Tuit gables.

And nothing can better illustrate that than a young mother pushing the baby carriage while at the same time jogging in Vondelpark, the city's largest park.

Since there's always a large English-speaking expat and tourist crowd in the city, the women in Amsterdam are used to talking to foreigners.

They are too small for a bottle of wine but large enough for a bottle of Jenever (Dutch gin).


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