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Serial cheater Tiger Woods (left) is dating the ex-wife of friend and fellow professional golfer Jason Dufner (right), a report claims.

The pair are pictured playing for the US President's Cup team in 2013 Amanda Boyd (left) and Lindsey Vonn (right) watch their other halves in The Presidents Cup in 2013.

Your abusive wife/girlfriend is the one who ought to be ashamed.

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More often than not, they are grabbing at straws and poking at things that may have happened in the past – or maybe even not at all. After the abuse and the damage, it is the most accurate word that comes to mind. If he constantly badgers you for more information on your sex life: Stop. He remembers every little detail, and if you say “5” instead of “6” next time he asks, you will immediately be branded as a full-fledged liar, giving him probably cause to never believe a word you say.

He will always assume you are a cheater and a liar.

If you always feel as though he is trying to set you up for failure, chances are, he probably is.

Constantly berating me with questions and accusations. If this sounds familiar and you think it’s going to stop – you are kidding yourself.

He was always catching me in “lies.”The funny part was, I was never trying to be dishonest.

However, don’t expect your wife or girlfriend to share your view of the problem. Domestic violence shelters don’t tell an abused woman who’s seeking help and protection from her male abuser to stick it out and be patient.

If you tell her that her behavior toward you is abusive, she’ll most likely turn it around on you (DARVO—Deny, attack and reverse victim order) and accuse you of being the abuser. Imagine if you and your wife or girlfriend could switch genders. DV shelters don’t tell an abused woman to have empathy for her male abuser and to try to understand his feelings and point of view. If your wife or girlfriend engages in physical violence toward you, it’s abuse, it’s domestic violence and it’s a crime. Violence is not different when a woman perpetrates it; it’s still violence.

Domestic violence centers and spokespersons bang the drum ad nauseam about “ending the silence on domestic violence” in regards to victims, but tell male victims of abuse that they’re not victims and to shut up and go away.

The “Men Bad-Women Good; Men Abusers-Women-Victims” mentality is an example of a primitive psychological defensive mechanism called splitting.

It’s what the stereotypical alcoholic wife beater does and it’s what abusive high-conflict and/or abusive personality-disordered women do. DV shelters don’t tell an abused woman to stay with her male abuser for the sake of the children and to honor her commitments. If you would be arrested for throwing keys at your female partner, kicking her, throwing a glass of milk at her head, scratching her, slapping her, stabbing her with a knife, biting her, trying to run her down with a car, threatening to kill yourself and the children, threatening to kill her and the children, threatening to kill her pet, threatening to kill her new boyfriend, going after her with a hammer, punching her in the groin, etc., etc., she should also go to jail for these behaviors when she perpetrates them upon you.

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