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At the end of the Second World War, with the example of Nazi eugenics, eugenics faded from public discourse, and increasingly disability cohered into a set of attributes that medicine could attend to – whether through augmentation, rehabilitation, or treatment.In both contemporary and modern history, disability was often viewed as a by-product of incest between first-degree relatives or second-degree relatives.Handicap has been disparaged as a result of false folk etymology that says it is a reference to begging.

In some countries, the law requires that disabilities are documented by a healthcare provider in order to assess qualifications for disability benefits.

Contemporary understandings of disability derive from concepts that arose during the West's scientific Enlightenment; prior to the Enlightenment, physical differences were viewed through a different lens.

With disability viewed as part of a person's biological make-up and thus their genetic inheritance, scientists turned their attention to notions of weeding such "deviations" out of the gene pool.

Various metrics for assessing a person's genetic fitness, which were then used to deport, sterilize, or institutionalize those deemed unfit.

Or the term may serve to refer to the identity of disabled people.

Physiological functional capacity (PFC) is a related term that describes an individual's performance level.

Disability, as well as other concepts including: abnormal, non-normal, and normalcy came from this.

With the rise of eugenics in the latter part of the nineteenth century, such deviations were viewed as dangerous to the health of entire populations.

During the Middle Ages, madness and other conditions were thought to be caused by demons.

They were also thought to be part of the natural order, especially during and in the fallout of the Plague, which wrought impairments throughout the general population.

These worked in tandem with scientific discourses that sought to classify and categorize and, in so doing, became methods of normalization.


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