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These rumors first came about when Li Rong Hao posted an intimate picture of him and Rainie with their faces touching, but their agencies released a statement that they are just “friends”.

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The feeling isn’t caused by Jerry coming back with a new drama but what he finally admitted to during the media question session.

When asked about how he deals with his exes and specifically about long rumored top model former girlfriend Lin Chi Ling, a question that isn’t out of the blue since the drama is about exes getting a second chance again, Jerry admitted that he’s still on good terms with Chi Ling since they had a lot of good memories together and he doesn’t want to ruin that beautiful shared experience from the past by being bitter later.

Now desperate to become a human, she agrees to barter her voice to the sea witch Ursula to become a human for three days; if she can receive True Love's Kiss from him within that time, she'll be permanently human. Indeed, Ursula is actually manipulating her to turn her into ransom for Triton's crown, and she knows that the only thing Eric remembers about Ariel is her beautiful, beautiful voice...

Spinoffs and sequels include: video game series, and other tie-in merchandise and media appearances are going strong with Ariel as an official Disney Princess.

Earlier this year Ariel chatted to Refinery29 and defended their 11 year age gap, saying: 'I’m happy, and whatever people want to say, they can say.''I don’t understand why someone would even comment on our situation at all.

There are tons of people of all ages that live with their boyfriend.'Delving into their living situation further, she continued: 'There are tons of people that live with their girlfriends, [and] tons of people that don’t live together and are super happy.

Click (right) to snap up a similar version of Ariel's shorts from Shopbop, complete with strategically placed distressed details and everything.

Or for more choice check out our edit of alternatives in the carousel below.

This movie is widely considered to be the start of the animated feature film renaissance of the 1990s, particularly for Disney.


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  3. She previously told Business Insider that she still hears about "ability to have chemistry, or someone not being sure about their intent, or going out on endless first dates and nothing ever clicking." The funny-but-sad thing about online dating is that, while it gives you more options and presumably boosts your chances of meeting someone, you may worse off than that guy or girl living in 1975.

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