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I don't know why the reset would solve the problem one day, then the next morning it was back to not working and resetting the tv again does not fix the problem like it did the day before.

Just to reiterate the problem and steps I've taken so far - Problem: Won't connect to wifi, network settings menu on tv disappears immediately after searching for networks.

I don't understand how to get resolved if I have latest version of firmware.

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So, here is my description of the issue I'm experiencing and I apologize for not using correct language.

I have a Samsung UN60ES8000 that will no longer connect to wireless router.

I discovered this by trying to get on Netflix or other app and it gave me network connection error with option to go to network settings.

I've had the tv almost 2yrs and has always connected to the same router, which is operating fine and other devices in the house are connected to it without issues.

I am in the same boat I have a un55es7500 on January 10th I updated to firmware 1056.5 and lost my wifi.

I go to search for wifi and it sometimes shows up quick then disappears most of the time nothing shows up.Firmware version is 1056, tried manually entering DNS to and (neither worked), then reset tv to factory settings.The reset solved the issue, but was back to not working the following day and no longer works when I try resetting again.Also, before calling Samsung, I tried to mirror the tv IP settings to reflect those of my laptop or other devices which connect to my wireless network just fine, but this did not work either.Finally, they wanted to try resetting the tv back to factory settings.When I go thru Network Settings to re-set up the wireless network, it will search for networks and will only display my network (none of the other wifi networks nearby like it used to) for about 1 second and then the entire menu disappears.


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