Dating israel and jordan 2016

After Friday night, the thought of eating hummus turned my stomach for the rest of the trip. It was an all day event and the main reason why we were in Israel.

Tim’s presentation went great but it was a huge relief once it was over.

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In the afternoon more rain showers moved in but it was much nicer weather than yesterday.

This was our last chance to see Jerusalem so we toured the city like crazed travelers on a mission to experience as much as possible.

We skipped this one since we were not dressed appropriately but if we ever return to Jerusalem this will be number one on our list of things to do.

Hurva Synagogue was really neat to see and from the top of the Synagogue we had great views over Jerusalem.

There was so much I wanted to do but I was exhausted.

I had planned on sampling as much hummus as I could while in Israel and had even hoped to post solely about the best places in Israel for hummus. He and a co-worker, Roberto, gave a presentation on Cesium and Systems Tool Kit to a packed house of 150 attendees.I got all caught up with Tim, visiting everything he did except for the Mount of Olives.It was a rainy, chilly day but there were still a lot of people out on the streets.Tim had the day off from meetings so we spent the day touring Jerusalem.It was a beautiful day…bright blue skies with big puffy clouds.We saw just enough to get us very excited for our upcoming time in Israel.

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