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Death row in war time: A man stands surrounded by a firing squad in a disused quarry.He was one of several Germans killed by a US military firing squad just outside the town of Braunschweig, Germany in 1945 because he was deemed a spy Moments before death: In the same deserted quarry outside Braunschwieg, a convicted spy has his feet tied to a pole.

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The camera rejoined the prisoner and a firing squad in a wooded area where the prisoner was allowed to smoke his last cigarette before being shot dead 'Capital punishment has been carried out in almost all societies and although these films of execution may make for shocking viewing, they still provide a raw, unedited account of events from a certain time.' Led to his death: British officers and soldiers escorting General Shampei of the Japanese Army to his execution post.

Shampei was charged with crimes of murdering Australian prisoners of war.

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