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Tatyana está posicionada en el puesto 74 de la VH1's "100 Greatest Kid Stars" (Las 100 mayores estrellas infantiles).

Tatyana, who can speak Spanish fluently and say some phrases in Hindi, graduated from Harvard University in June 2002 with a degree in Afro-American history and government.

In her free time, Tatyana enjoys gymnastics, swimming, dancing, and singing. She is still good friends with her “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” co-star Will Smith.

“Will Smith said if I ever need some help, he was there for me.” Tatyana M Ali Tatyana dated fellow actor Jonathan Brandis between 19. "Probably now I would make a horrible girlfriend because I'm always traveling, so I'd never do that to anyone." Tatyana M Ali Kiss The Sky “Believe in yourself and your talent 100% and never let anyone discourage you from following your dream.” Tatyana M Ali Singing by the age of four, Tatyana M Ali got her first taste of fame as a regular on the acclaimed children's educational series "Sesame Street.” She also performed in productions in New York, including the Broadway show “Fences,” the off-Broadway show “Orfeo del Campo,” and the musical "Sugar Hill." In 1987, Tatyana made her feature debut in "Eddie Murphy Raw," appearing as Eddie's sister, She followed it up with a small role in the Australian adventure and comedy film "'Crocodile' Dundee II" (1988) and a lead role in the 30-minute short family movie "Wow, You're a Cartoonist" (1988). I mean, the idea of a rapper being a star on a sitcom just wasn't heard of." Tatyana M Ali (on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”) Her performance in the show won her a Young Artist Award for Best Young Actress Starring in a New Television Series in 1991, a Young Star Award for Best Performance by a Young Actress in a Comedy TV Series in 1997, and an Image Award for Outstanding Youth Actor/Actress in 1996.

She also starred in the comedic TV movie "Wally and the Valentines" (1989) and guest starred in an episode of ABC’s prime time television series "A Man Called Hawk" and the NBC sitcom starring Bill Cosby, "The Cosby Show." Tatyana began a singing career at age seven when she became a two-time winner of the singing competition on "Star Search." In 1990, she made her breakthrough as an actress when she was cast as Ashley Banks, Will Smith's younger cousin, on the popular NBC sitcom starring Will Smith, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” She stayed on the show from its pilot on September 10, 1990, until is finale on May 20, 1996. "After that episode, I would meet people on the street and they'd ask me, 'When is your album coming out?

Tiene dos hermanas más jóvenes, Anastasia y Kimberly. Asistió al Grand Avenue Middle School en The Bellmores, Nueva York, también al Marymount High School en Los Ángeles, California, y al The Buckley School en Sherman Oaks, Los Ángeles, California.

En 2002, se graduó con el Bachelor's degree en Antropología en la Universidad de Harvard.​ A los siete años, empezó su carrera de cantante y además apareció con Herbie Hancock en un episodio de Barrio Sésamo.She had a much-publicized relationship with former child actor Jonathon Brandis (born on April 13, 1976; died on November 12, 2003 of suicide).“If you don't have fun with what you are doing, then it's not worth doing at all.” Tatyana M Ali Ty “I am grateful to all my family for all the support and sacrifices over the years.” Tatyana M Ali Daughter of an Afro-Latino nurse from Panama called Sonia Moore and an Indo-Trinidadian retired police officer from Trinidad and Tobago named Sheriff Ali, Tatyana Marisol Ali was born on January 24, 1979, in Long Island, New York.Growing up, she was popular as Ashley Banks, Will Smith's younger cousin, in the hit NBC sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” (1990-1996).She has starred in a number of TV movies and guest starred in such TV shows as "The Cosby Show," "Are You Afraid of the Dark," and "Half & Half." She now plays Roxanne on the CBS soap opera "The Young and the Restless." On the big screen, Tatyana has appeared in the films "Eddie Murphy Raw" (1987), "'Crocodile' Dundee II" (1988), "Kiss the Girls" (1997), "Jawbreaker" (1999), "The Brothers" (2001), "National Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze" (2003), "Nora's Hair Salon" (2004), and "Glory Road" (2006)."I never set out to be one, but I guess parents like it because I am dedicated to school.

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