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Classes begin every ten weeks and are offered during the day or evenings.

For more information on taking classes on-campus or online, visit their websites for more information or call (207) 213-2500.

The MEOTA Executive Board (EB) reviewed the structure and function of the "Special Interest Section” (SIS) groups.

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The city offers an irrevocable choice between Maine Public Employees Retirement System's (Maine PERS) Defined Benefit Plan or ICMA-RC's 401(a) Defined Contribution Plan.

Maine PERS' participants contribute 8.0% (pretax federal basis only) of their total Maine Public Employees Retirement System (Maine PERS) pensionable pay to a defined benefit plan.

If you wish to find out how many creditable years of service you have with the Maine PERS, your contributions to date (statement of account) or an estimate of your monthly pension benefit upon retirement, you may contact Maine PERS directly at 800-451-9800 or the Benefits Division, ext. Long-term disability benefits (60% of gross salary) are through UNUM.

All permanent employees working 20 hours or less per week and all temporary, seasonal and on-call employees contribute 6.5% of gross earnings (pretax federal and state) to the ICMA 457 PTS (part-time, temporary and seasonal) Plan.

Over the years, though, MEOTA’s SIS groups became an underutilized resource, and the EB began to look at other models for supporting connection among Maine OT practitioners.

Defined by Wenger (2006), are "groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.” Communities of Practice (Co P) use many methods of gathering and communicating among members, including in-person meetings, virtual meeting technologies, listservs, wikis, blogs, etc.

The Bangor Police Department published the "Missed Connections" post, authored by an officer only identified as TC, on its Facebook page. You also did not notice that I had serendipitously been forced to stop directly beside you.

TC, using flowery romantic language reminiscent of Craigslist Missed Connections personals, details a recent incident where he spotted a woman traveling in the other direction texting behind the wheel.

The MEOTA EB chose Co P as a new way to offer rich opportunities for interaction among members, and the position of Communities of Practice Chairperson was created.

The Co P Chair will serve as a central coordinator for MEOTA members’ interests and inquiries about participating in Co P; facilitate the organization and ongoing function of Co P; explore and support members’ engagement in a variety of methods to participate in Co P; report on and coordinate Co P activity with Regional Representatives; and triage external inquiries to MEOTA regarding OT practice in Maine.

These efforts are put forth to help keep the motoring public safe.

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