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Cheers to Diane for the win and Norman for the love!

Walk into any popular kebab shop on a Saturday night and you can find a stunning cross-section of Australian society.

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sound pretty lovey-dovey if we do say so ourselves! Diane looked stunning in the dress she accepted her award in.

Although the two haven’t made their love official yet, there are videos of them kissing, and now there’s this. We love the classic LBD with the full sleeves and skirt.

“You’ve got extremist groups calling for reducing the number of migrants, refugee intake and being ill disposed towards Muslims in particular.” It’s in kebab shops that multicultural Australia collides with white Anglo-Saxon Australia, but the story Cordell discovered wasn’t about a fiery culture clash.

“If there’s one observation that comes through, it’s that if these shops are a reflection of modern Australia then people are actually getting on really well,” he says.

Signs were put up throughout the stores during filming, but with no traditional camera crew around, people let their guard down in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

The result is a raw, unflinching look at multicultural Australia – the good, the bad, and the plain ugly.

“On the one extreme you’ve got people that are drunk and very poorly behaved and occasionally verging on racist, but other times you’ve got people that are fantastic and good-humoured.” The three-part series was filmed over almost a month in the lead up to Christmas 2014 – the busiest time of year for kebab shops.

Using fixed rig cameras, they captured 3,000 hours of footage, which had to be whittled down to just three, one-hour episodes.

But there’s some tension when it comes to the ambitious new owners, who want to change the way things are run.

Meanwhile in Melbourne, the young couple running Smith Kebabs have built the Australian dream for themselves after emigrating from India almost a decade ago.

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