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When you’re as famous and good looking as me, yes, dating really is . I’ll admit I did worry if she’d be able to contain herself around me in the restaurant, for I didn’t want to cause an embarrassing scene of her trying to rip my clothes off while I fend her away (but not really trying hard 😉 ). Strange, because it seemed like something she’d normally like. So, at the risk of accidentally shaving myself bald, I ended up skipping this step. “You look stunning in your red dress and pearls though, I must admit.” “Oh, thank you”, she said shifting in her chair. “You know, I think you were the real star of that music video we filmed together.The day before I decided to take a bath so that I’d be clean as a whistle for our date. Then it was time to get dressed, and I knew just the outfit – a new custom-fitted shirt and cardigan. I mean, technically I was the star but you really caught a lot of eyes.” Finally she blushed and giggled.They are so crisp and refreshing for any special treat or event.

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Here is Evan hanging the new sign that Jenn made at the CF Studio.

Bob helps keep our over flowing cardboard situation at bay.

I added some rose petals to give myself a subtle floral fragrance – just enough to still be manly but with an air of mystique. And luckily due to my years of incessant complaining, all the mirrors in the house have now been moved down to “wiener level” so I can finally dress myself with ease. I felt the time was right to order drinks, so I had the waiter bring us a bottle of their finest. And with drinks poured, we put in our order for dinner.

You might not be surprised to know that it took me three hours to get dressed – mainly because I was always pausing for selfies and to my whiskers, not to mention I kept getting distracted by that sexy dog in all the mirrors around. We were to meet up for an early romantic dinner at a local dog restaurant called the Wag Cafe. I ordered spaghetti, because from what I’ve seen in movies that generally leads to a kiss. “Why don’t you tell me a bit about yourself”, I offered.

But I really took a liking to her during those long days on the shoot (and after seeing her in her bikini), and so for Valentines Day I decided to ask her out on a date. The next day finally came, and after sleeping in just enough to ensure I obtained my beauty sleep, I was up and excited to get the day going!

Although it wasn’t so much “asking” as it was just telling her where and when. I figured I could probably use a shave, or at least a trim, but it’s always a bit nerve-racking when you don’t have very long hair to begin with!And he's got some good opening lines (deployed, of course, via a human assistant): Miranda Morrison is the person who put Henry on the dating app — listing his age as 23, which is more or less accurate in dog years.In addition to playing doggie matchmaker, Morrison is the canine behavior and enrichment coordinator for Animal Ark Rescue in Columbus, Georgia.Henry has been at Animal Ark's no-kill shelter for nearly three years now, which has given Morrison a lot of time to grow extremely fond of him. Henry is an affectionate boy who adores people and other dogs. Henry enjoys hiking and "loves to get out and go on adventures.After a long day he is content to cuddle up on the couch and watch TV and snuggle with you," Morrison said.Nothing stays in one place for long at Coastal Fog.

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