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Some video and audio recordings have gone viral on various social media platforms revealing how many pastors predicted the death of the singer in 2017 with some asking her to change her ways and others urging her to get serious men of God to pray for her.

Manager of the late sensational singer, Ebony Reigns has finally broken his silence after the tragic death of the musician Thursday evening.

The CEO of Ruff Town Records/Midas Touch Inc., Bullet who is known in real life as Ricky Nana Agyemang, refuted claims that the artiste and her management team ignored several prophecies about her death. What are three rumors about the march you’d like to dispel?

MALLORY: First, that it’s called The Million Women’s March.

On Saturday, crowds of women, their friends and families, will come to the nation’s capital for the Women’s March on Washington, which intends to address issues of justice, health, economics and social concerns women and other marginalized communities continue to face.

Immigrants, women of color, people of diverse faiths, and the disabled will all have a voice at the rally, organizers say.

MALLORY: A lot of people ask me why did you take on this responsibility?

It’s because I wanted to ensure that Black women’s voices are upheld, uplifted and that our issues are addressed, but this cannot happen unless we take a seat at the table.

MALLORY: Carmen, Linda and I have worked together through The Gathering for Justice and Justice League NYC.

The Gathering for Justice is Harry Belafonte’s nonprofit organization and Carmen is its executive director. MALLORY: Our mission is to provide people with the opportunity to realize and understand all of the concerning issues this election cycle brought about, some of which existed even before this administration took office.

We do have the permits that we need and lastly, the other rumor is that Carmen, Linda and I were called in to be tokens.

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