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'The announcement does not come as a surprise, with news outlets in Germany having reported last month that Ivanovic was already four months pregnant.

couldn't be more happy,' the 30-year-old wrote alongside the adorable image.

Schweinsteiger then followed suit, posting a snap of himself and and his wife with the caption: 'We are expecting a new family member and are so grateful!

Ana’s maid of honor was three-time Serbian Olympic swimmer Miroslava Najdanovski.

In the wedding photos we’ve seen so far, there is no sight of Ana’s tennis colleagues, but we do know that Angelique Kerber was invited, as she was the one who spilled the beans about the wedding back in February.

[Read: Signs you’re dating a self-obsessed narcissist] #3 He uses your emotional state against you.

Journalists managed to take a few snaps of the just married couple, even though Ana and Bastian tried to keep the ceremony in the Venice City Hall intimate.Serbian media reported that unknown assailants opened fire on Mr Ivanovic in front of the offices of his Citizens' Initiative Party in Mitrovica.The 64-year-old was one of the key politicians in Serb-dominated northern Kosovo, a former Serbian province where tensions remain high a decade after it declared independence.The couple, who married in Venice last year, took to social media on Thursday morning to announce the news.Retired tennis star Ivanovic was first to let fans know, sharing a picture of a tiny pair of Adidas Yeezy trainers alongside her own and her husband's.'A little extension to our family...Serbian state television said President Aleksandar Vucic has called a top security meeting.


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