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When you hear the phrase out of the mind of “Deak” you will never understand it until you meet him.

Deak Thorton has been a staple in the Indiana Snowmobile Association forever.

It has also served as a way for all the local cabin owners to connect to the marked groomed trail system.

The MSA ride-ins were kind of stagnate, large groups riding to destinations and back again in the same day, great comradery, and many stories but not what the average snowmobiler was looking for.

Our President Jeff Goss, asked Deak for some information on how they do their ride-In.

Here are a some of the examples of the games; Being the first to solve the mystery slogan, be the first to solve the correct product, being the first to solve the correct mystery word, the Highest Poker Hand, the Lowest Poker Hand, finding large stuffed Animals, finding small Stuffed Animals, Wooden horses, finding full size mannequins (The Evil Jester, Lucky Joe) all on the trail.

Completing the correct word stamp in the square from each designated stop, mystery bonus stop #10 on your game card, answering trivia questions. Trail 614 The Snowmobile Trail # 614 Project EA describes three alternatives, they include the following; Alternative 1: Maintain the current level of activity for the area (No Action) Alternative 2: The Proposed Action that was described during the second scoping period.

Alternative 3: The Proposed Action that was described during the first scoping period.

He has filled all of the positions from board member to President a few times over.

Let me tell you, Deak is the mastermind of all the games that are played at their ride-ins.

If that is the case, the Grant Sponsor has been granted permission to have the trail there.

In some instances, if the land is owned by the State of Michigan, you can ride there, but don’t assume if it is owned by the National Forest that applies also. We know that boondocking has become a big hit with many snowmobilers, but if you are going to boondock, it’s your responsibility to KNOW WHERE YOU ARE! If you want to insure a place to ride other that your backyard or a loop on state property, “KNOW BEFORE YOU GO.” Just because you see a track do not assume that you are legal to ride there!

Trail 614 in the Irons area will be closed this snowmobile season, but the future and possible reroute of a portion of that trail is still up for review. It will not be groomed and signs have been taken down.

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