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I only discovered the late night show about a month ago and I’d say it took me, oh, maybe one episode to become absolutely, one hundred percent addicted!

I honestly do not understand how I was not watching this show from the very beginning!!!

” Handler says as she sticks out her butt and moans, “Give it to me, 50, give it to me!

Katie Couric, who is friendly with Handler, calls her “the hardest-working girl in showbiz.” Keep up with this story and more Yet unlike Tina Fey or Jon Stewart, Handler is not a darling of the media elite. She’s never hosted Saturday Night Live (though a Facebook group is lobbying for this to happen). “If you tune into that frequency, she’s huge, but people who don’t tune in don’t connect.”Handler claims to enjoy having a lower profile than some of her counterparts.

“I like being a bit under the radar,” she says over dim sum the morning before her New Jersey show.

As Liz Smith recently stated in the , “Where have I been all of Chelsea Handler’s life? I have never laughed out loud in my entire life the way I do while watching her show. and we were informed to arrive at the studio early to ensure getting a seat.

In fact, one of my good friend’s husbands has banned her from reading Chelsea’s books in bed at night, because she cracks up so much that she shakes the bed and keeps him up. Anyway, when I heard that audience tickets for were available online, I just had to sign up for some so I could stalk it! So, having the type-A personality that I have, I made sure Blaze and I arrived at the studio with plenty of time to spare.

But as Handler’s profile has risen, so has the caliber of her guests, and now she books the same stars who make the rounds of Leno and Letterman.

Her approach remains more Howard Stern than Oprah, and it can be fascinating to watch polished, platitudinous stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore adjust gears to match Handler’s style. “I can’t keep doing this show forever; it’s too stupid,” she says.

If you’re going to name your daughter after a liqueur, at least have the courtesy to f--king spell it right.” Don’t even get her started on people who use numerals in their names, like the woman she met named L’4sha.

“Can you imagine having sex with someone with a number in his name?

Their insatiable appetite for her stories of sexual mishaps and other personal humiliations keeps her first two books on the bestseller list.

(Together they’ve sold 1.7 million copies and counting.)Handler is currently touring in support of her third release, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang.

In her books and onstage, the comedian’s tales of sexual encounters gone awry mix bathroom humor with putdowns of her partners. ’s corporate parent, Comcast Entertainment Group, has been the butt of numerous jokes: Handler’s routine includes a bit about how she smeared chocolate cake on the sheets while Harbert was in the bathroom with food poisoning.


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