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The next thing I know I was at the summit taking photos.

I think we reached the summit few minutes before 12 noon.

I remember grasping for air as I was running out of breath.

My mouth still feels the pang in my throat out of too much thirst that I thought no water could ever wash away.

There we waited for the stranger who volunteered to guide us on climbing our first mountain. Upon seeing him with his girl companion who was also an experienced mountaineer, immediately we thought we were all going to have a wonderful time. When everyone was ready, we resumed walking towards the 2nd hut.

We started walking towards the the main jump off point quickly after all the preparations have been made. We rested for another 15 minutes and then went to walk towards the 3rd hut which was the main jump off point. Our guide, Sir Migz thought it will be easier for us as first time climbers.

If you have enough money, please do hire them, it would be a great help for their families and I’m sure it would make them very happy.

Don’t worry, they may look small but they are strong and good swimmers as well.The province of Nueva Ecija has a hidden masterpiece of nature, The Minalungao National Park.It is located in the municipality of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija, Central Luzon, 2-3 hours away from Manila.After camp 3, we quickly passed camps 4,5 and 6 and found ourselves in yet another amazing place, camp 7.There we waited for the traffic of people coming down from the summit to wind down.I’ll discuss how to get there by commuting later in this article.

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