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The Code of Virginia is the statutory law of the U. state of Virginia, and consists of the codified legislation of the Virginia General Assembly.The 1950 Code of Virginia is the revision currently in force.

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As of 2008, the printed Code of Virginia consists of twenty-nine hardcover volumes, with a two-volume subject matter index that is replaced annually.

The statutes are fully annotated by Virginia attorneys, and include cites to and summaries of Virginia state and federal court decisions as well as law reviews.

The Virginia Supreme Court has repeatedly rejected these arguments, ruling that § 12 does not prevent the Code from being organized around general subject matter, or require the Code to be a literal and detailed index of its contents.

Instead, the purpose of this provision was to prevent the General Assembly and the public from being misled as to the nature of a law, such that "vicious legislation" was hidden by a "deceptive title." Though compilations of Virginia legislation were published before the Code of 1819, these were organized by their date of enactment rather than by subject matter, and so lacked the integration of modern codes.

West's Annotated Code of Virginia is an unofficial, competing version issued by West Publishing, which includes more cross-references and West keynumbers.

The Virginia government also makes the code available without annotations for free on the internet.

The first volume of the Code of Virginia also prints the Virginia Constitution and the Constitution of the United States.

The government of Virginia claims copyright over the Code, including the text of statutes.

The legislation of the Colony of Virginia was not even officially published for the first 175 years of its lawmaking history.

Aside from original manuscript copies that were commonly misplaced or left to rot in county courthouses, information on new legislation was largely spread by word of mouth.

The Commission is composed of ten members, chosen by statute The Commission has full discretion to publish the code with or without annotations, "to fix the number of volumes; and to decide all questions of form, makeup and arrangement, including title pages, prefaces, annotations, indices, tables of contents and reference, appendices, paper, type, binding and lettering." Such changes include correcting "unmistakable printer's errors," misspellings, and erroneous cross-references, and updating obsolete references to renamed code titles, governmental officers and agencies.


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