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I can envision a scenario in which PS3 are sold in developing countries for another 2-3 years. It has a large library of games and it functions as a Blu Ray player. Don't expect much after Persona 5 in terms of significant US releases.

Not very many but PS3 is still supported.2018 will be the end for PS3. I think gaming support will probably end some time next year but.......

PS3 may limp to 90 million sold, on-line support could hang on until 2020. I think support for services will continue to happen.

Play Station Vue, PS Music, Movies on Demand from the PS store will still get updated.

There's over 85 million ps3's out there, it would be silly not to try and make money off them anymore when the ps3 is more than capable of running service apps that Sony can make money off of.

Nintendo seems to be moving to mobile-console hybrid and that maybe a long years supported system. The internet age is in full force, but wasn't during Gen 6.

The best thing about the PS4 is the PS2 classics games on the store. It seems the longer a system is available the better the last few games are. Which gets to the question will Play Station 3 lose support this year according to your 10 year rule? Sony usually stops support of a system once said system becomes two generations old.

Would we be able to still access the PS Store and all its content 20 years from now?

It just seems when it comes to this topic the internet connection changes things. I think it would be smart if sony treated it how Microsoft treats windows.

Here's hoping I get at least another two years to play on it.

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