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But if you just want a cute-girl-next-door type of deal, then Poland.If you liked the above article then you’ll enjoy Bang Lithuania, my 39-page guide that teaches you how to date Lithuanian women during a visit to the country.

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Latvia was significantly harder for me than the other two.

The only place I actually enjoyed going out in was Estonia.

In Estonia I didn’t get any one-night stands, but by the first or second date I was straight.

In Lithuania I got a couple but the quality was a bit lower, so it’s hard to say which is “easier.” I think if you’re prepared to go on two dates, both Estonia and Lithuania will be similar, with Lithuania a slight edge if your standards aren’t too high.

A couple of them let me extract a specimen for personal use.

Estonian girls are plain fun because they love to drink.

It’s not quite poosy paradise, as my Danish friends below can explain, but I had a pleasant time.

Lithuania has tons of beautiful women (I’d give them a slight edge over Estonian girls with overall appearance), but it’s quite hard to pull quality.

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A lot of people ask me which Baltic country is best for a visit.

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