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Andy said he found the car but we would have to make a deal to bring it over. Andy talked us into working out some numbers before we departed.

I call that dealer which was two and a half hours away and give him the information.

The salesman informed me that the car had already been sold earlier that day.

This is over 4000 dollars in work and when I contacted the service department at the dealership they basically told me well that’s the way it goes with used vehicles we cant help you.

I glad to have spent 12,000 dollars on a used vehicle to need to spend 1/3 the purchase price to keep it running.

,, I left my Duramax with them for for warranty work on the emissions system.

Work was expected to take 1 day and ended being over a week.

We then noticed the stickers themselves were not correct.

On many cars the interior color was wrong or the sticker would claim to have the driver convenience packages but none of that package appeared on the car, etc.

dept 9 i talked to ms queen i was told that the check was written for 38.00 and not a 100.00 i gave them all in formation and copy of the check and i am still getting the run around so this wont happen to you i am warning you not to refer any more customers to any and all auto nations store there actions has cause me to go in check systems and messed up my checking accounts please be aware do not except bird dog checks from any auto nations stores across america they have bad checks and they could and will STOP PAYMENT PLEASE PLEASE BE AWARE THEY WILL GIVE YOU THE RUN AROUND I AM ASKING FOR 2000.00 OR 2500.00 DOLLARS TO SETTLE THIS MATTER AND A WRITTEN LETTER TO MY BANK AND TO GET AUTO NATIONS TO WRITE A LETTER TO CHECK SYSTEMS AND REMOVE THAT STOP PAYMENT BAD DEBT FROM MY CREDIT IF ANY ONE NEED MORE INFORMATION CONTACT ME 702 682-XXXX Reply What a terrible experience it has been purchasing a vehicle from autonation.

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