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This is the most important thing you can read before joining the site.

If you are a younger guy in particular, you need to be aware of certain unwritten rules about dating this kind of lady.

She will expect energy and excitement from you, but she won't want to feel like she's dating her teenage son's best friend.

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Well this one is a little obvious: women who have more years under their belt tend to be more experienced in the bedroom and far more willing to try things out. This explains why so many men are attracted to older women. The real benefit of dating a cougar is that she has her own life, her own friends and her own bank account!

Most of the things that bug men about dating younger women evaporate when you move to the right of the age spectrum.

Try to establish what you’re both looking for from the relationship in the early days, so you can be sure you’re on the same page.

If having a family is important to you, then this is something to consider when dating an older woman.

The site makes it easy for you as you can search for profiles close to you and wink at them or message them. We hope you enjoy your time at My Cougar and find someone to have a good time with.

Guys, pro tip: ladies of a certain class don't respond well to winks. But what can a younger man expect if they do find love with an older woman?Here are the 8 things you need to know When dating older women, it’s important to bear in mind that you may be at very different stages in your lives.And to our lovely female members joining the site, all you need to remember is not get carried away in the moment and end up putting any pressure on him.The whole point is that although you may end up caring about each other, you don't go in to this expecting any commitment or pressure.Moreover, don't tell her about things you know she will not be interested in, such as your weekend antics with your buddies.


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