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Are local police agencies armed with the training and resources needed to effectively deal with cyber crime?The Internet is a parallel universe with few rules, no borders and laws whose enforcement is limited by the expertise of the agencies responsible for policing it.Just as the door to your house can let in burglars and rapists, your Internet connection can let into your computer all manner of unsavory visitors — some of whom could lead to your arrest. Crowley, president of j Crow Consulting Co., is an attorney and computer forensics expert near Columbus who's supplied expert analysis of suspect computers and testimony for defendants in Hamilton County.

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They face a combined 104 years in prison for having images of child porn on their computers.

'They wanted this to happen' Jesse Tuttle of Camp Denison has been waiting to stand trial for more than two years.

The Regional Electronics and Computer Investigations Task Force (RECI) is a multi-jurisdictional agency composed of four investigators, two from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office and two from the Cincinnati Police Department.

City Beat reviewed RECI's two pending cases, in which the hacker and the lawyer are charged with pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor.

There are bad hackers, often referred to as "crackers," who break into computers, rummage around networks, delete files and steal citizens' identities.

There are good hackers, wearing the virtual white hats, who are hired by companies to scour network security for holes. He's done everything from defacing Web sites and breaking into government sites to reveal holes to chasing child porn traffickers through cyberspace for the FBI.

On June 11, 2003, sheriff's deputies told WCPO (Channel 9) they had noticed someone trying to hack into their Web site in January and February of that year.

The deputies said they decided to wait and watch to see what the alleged hacker was going to do before arresting him.

A woman in Portland, Ore., is suing Yahoo Inc., alleging an ex-boyfriend posted personal profiles of her containing nude pictures.

In online chat rooms, posing as the woman, he allegedly directed men to show up at her home and job to engage in sex.

Some law enforcement agencies criticize the group's tactics. Not new crimes, for the most part, just newer and faster ways of committing them.

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