Who is kat von d dating july 2016

I understand you're just doing your job, so it's nothing against you but I want no part in this circus." He added, "What you should be doing [is] hosting a news article on how she dated a neo Nazi and supported his feelings . Nikki Sixx And Kat Von D “Taking A Break” January 24, 2010 Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has confirmed that he and tattoo artist Kat Von D are “taking a break”.

And though there weren’t that many complaints on the thread she is referencing, if you look a few Instagram posts down on an image showing her foundation range, there are plenty calling for Von D to expand her shade range to accommodate her darker customers.

“She has 50 shades of white and only 5 dark skin tones,” one commenter noted.

Sixx states, “I want to wish Katherine nothing but the best in her life.

She has loved and inspired the hell outta me and I know I have done the same for her in these almost two years we ruled the Earth together.

It is nearly 14 minutes long, but Kat spoke calmly and rationally throughout, sharing stories of how she's watched him bully fans, smaller brands, and even herself — and she claims that she was the one to help him start his line of products. She then said to Jeffree, "You can't sit there and post all these videos of you, like 'Get Ready With Me in My Rolls Royce,' and then not pay a guy who worked really hard for you." "You have the option to do the right thing — why not do that? She seems to mourn their past friendship throughout the video but makes it explicit that any goodwill between the two of them is gone, "The Jeffree that he is now is a monster . "If I do regret anything, it's setting Jeffree up with that factory," she said.

"If you ask Jeffree how he made his makeup line, I'm sure the story will be about how he's so self-creative," she said. I got Jeffree a meeting to see if he could start his own makeup line." Kat goes on to explain the true reason behind her self-imposed disassociation from Jeffree Star. "I regret being a part of helping somebody become so self-absorbed when I probably could have spoken up a lot sooner." Toward the end of the video, Kat is very clear that she doesn't want her fans to go after Jeffree.

“Would be cool to see more ethnic diversity represented in the artistry team! Kat Von D was quick to clap back, saying that her artistry team has plenty of ethnic diversity. We have American, Canadian, Dutch, Mexican, Australian, and Argentinian? different ethnicites of women who appear to be European-descended, some of whom may identify as Latina.

Not sure what is lacking in ‘diversity’ here,” she wrote. “And as for true diversity, I have put together an artistry team that is diverse in each artist’s approach to makeup.

“She just needs a little help from an expert on black skin tones and then she’ll be good.

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