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What Patrick Burke and Georges Laraque are doing is commendable and amazing, but it will take years if no one else steps up and does something.But I still hope for an out gay/bi player in the next 5 years.The people who support or forgive this asshole are frightening.

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Off the top of my head the only two hocky players I can name are Wayne Gretsky and Bobby Hull (did I get that right? although I do like a hairy hole, which Recker undoubtedly has... Very mellow, laid back personality, smiles a lot, very comfortable around the media and fans, not arrogant at all.

I suspect recker, althoug Crosby has tremendous cocksucking lips...

His ass is the kind of stuff that wars are fought over."Today was Sidney's birthday? "One of DL's fatter members (I won't name names) was tasked with purchasing a cake shaped like Sidney's rump for our intended celebration. Solid, muscular, in-shape jock body with big quads that complement that famous Crosby ass.

Alas, the cake proved too tempting for this fat fellow and he ate Sidney's frosted ass. Look at the photo in R75's link - his hips flared and curve in, and there's that identation of his waist to the butt. In dress slacks, the ass is incredible, and worthy of a DL thread. Believe me, I've had dreams about that bubble butt.

I wonder if twinks come in-and-out at all hours of the night.

Casual homophobia is even worse than active gay bashing.I can only imagine how many times "faggot" has been used in the confines of their house today since the tweet.I've grown up around guys like this, and faggot is used a lot. R229, of course most hockey players have big, muscular butts. Or does it relate to the femininity of his big fat ass?The ecosystems of Madagascar are also briefly described.Some possible future scenarios for African ecosystems are discussed.Why do you think the New York Times was never interested in talking about Merv Griffin, or Malcolm Forbes and more recently, Aaron Schock? Because they know the answer and don't want to out him.

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