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Following Kerry’s defeat, Favreau has said his “idealism and enthusiasm for politics was crushed… In 2005 he was offered a role in Obama’s brain-trust; during his job interview with the then-Senator, Obama asked Favreau for his theory of speechwriting. “But when I saw you at the convention, you basically told a story about your life from beginning to end, and it was a story that fit with the larger American narrative…You touched something in the party and the country that people had not touched before.”Favreau supposedly learned his boss’s celebrated 2004 address off by heart, read and re-read his memoir Dreams From My Father, and studied his speech patterns intensively in his bid to mimic Obama’s voice.Will still give it a try -- and maybe a ticket back from LA?

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Aside from dealing with the normal challenges that a transcontinental move and a career change present, if he decides to “go Hollywood,” the Massachusetts-born rhetoric whiz will be faced with a familiar-sounding obstacle: namely, another Jon Favreau with impressive writing credits.

In particular, the one who bridged his success as the screenwriter and star of the 1996 comedy –franchise maker, should the former join the latter in the entertainment capital of the world? the film still grossed more than $100 million worldwide High-Profile Primetime-TV Ex: Rashida Jones Monica Geller (whom Favreau’s character dated on Coincidentally, Washington, D.

Favreau has identified the speeches of Robert Kennedy and Ronald Reagan among his influences, though he also admires the writing of Michael Gerson, who spent five years as President George W Bush’s speechwriter, and wrote Bush’s address to the joint session of Congress following the 9/11 attacks.

Favreau wouldn’t be the first to make the move from Washington to Hollywood.

Phil Rosenthal, the sitcom writer and creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, has written for Presidents Clinton and Obama.

He told The Independent he believed Favreau would make a “terrific” screenwriter, especially if he decides to draw on his White House experience.Two big immediate consequences from Lovett's departure though -- well three actually.The first, which I nearly forgot, is that I will probably not succeed now in getting Lovett and Favreau to headline the opening dinner chat for the Washington Ideas Forum organized by The Atlantic and the Aspen Institute on how they sew lots of chuckles and well delivered punchlines into vast political blandness.Though he was appointed the President’s Director of Speechwriting in the new administration, Favreau – known to his friends as “Favs” – retained some of the traits of his age group.Between the November 2008 election and the inauguration in January 2009, he was photographed at a party, groping a cardboard cut-out of the newly appointed Secretary of State – and Obama’s one-time bitter electoral rival – Hillary Clinton.(Tommy is the guy pictured on the left.)Vietor and Jon Lovett have been sharing a flat this past year, or were last I checked in, and that means Vietor will probably need a new roomie unless President Obama is giving his National Security Spokesman a raise -- and given the debt ceiling fiasco, I somehow doubt that.


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