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A French press is the most widely used method of brewing coffee, specifically in the United States and Europe.

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Pour over coffee brewers tend to produce a lighter and smoother flavour compared to that of a French press.

This may be the factor that determines whether pour over vs French press is for you. Slowly pour boiling water over it in a circular motion ensuring all the grounds get soaked. Let the coffee grounds sit for 30 seconds to let it saturate. Slowly pour more boiling water in a circular motion and repeat several times until you have the desired amount of coffee.

But while you can sit & relax when using a French press, the pour over coffee maker requires you to be a bit more involved and slowly pour the water over bit by bit.

It gives a richer and bolder tasting cup overall due to the immersion brewing method extracting maximum coffee oils.

So what is it that really makes pour over coffee different from French press coffee and how do you prepare them?

Let’s go ahead and measure up pour over vs French press coffee.With any Pour over coffeemaker you will need a good goose neck water kettle.These kettles give you a smooth water flow that is needed to make coffee well in these filters.Follow our simple French press coffee instructions below. The MADRID is a premium French press that lets you enjoy perfectly brewed coffee or tea.Use 1 tablespoon of medium to coarse grinds for every cup of coffee you want to brew. Remove the lid and the plunger from the glass beaker and fill it with the coffee grounds. Carefully pour boiling water (195-205 F) in a circular motion making sure to cover all grounds. Place the lid and the plunger in the beaker and let grounds and water sit for about 1 minute. It features a dual stainless steel filter, chrome housing and a German SCHOTT DURAN® borosilicate glass beaker.A French press also called a cafetiere or coffee press, is a round cylinder shape beaker with a plunger.


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