One year of dating anniversary gifts Chat camera russia

Just know that celebrating means whatever you do to make it a special day.

So are you ready to get your hands on these awesome printables??

We have TWO purchasing options based on your preference: If you want to buy EVERYTHING to make the binder and all of the dates together in one place, you can grab the If you want to come up with your own activities to do each month and want JUST the binder covers and monthly dividers, you can get the We are ALL about making your life easy and memorable.

Earlier in the day, I had taken the salad, sparkling cider, Izzes, a cheese platter from Fresh & Easy, and their Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato (We had had a Chocolate Hazelnut cake at the original dinner), and put them in the small hotel fridge.

I brought a table cloth, some pretty plates, and champagne flutes and made an impromptu table out of the nightstand.

If you hover your mouse over that spot on google earth, the coordinates show up in the bottom left-hand side of the image. We tried to get this self portrait in the street with the temple in the background, but our big heads covered the entire thing!

Last shot of our mini-photo session before the adventure continued.

The card I gave him said something to the effect that the wild goose chase down memory lane and the anniversary band were my way of telling him that “I would marry him all over again!

” He was pretty impressed with the whole thing, and pulled out a beautiful bracelet he is working on making for me, using stones left from other projects.

Those coordinates led him to the church building (his Uncle’s) where we had had our wedding dinner immediately following our wedding ceremony.


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  2. Actually, I can’t wait until HD-DVD or Blu Ray discs are more prevalent in the marketplace – most people have only seen the video in low res on My Space or on You Tube, and as I’ve said before, we shot the thing in HD… Actually, when the animator Doug Bresler sent me his original animatic, the character in the video did in fact look a lot like me.

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