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However, once the money is handed over, the fraudster disappears.

In another version, the criminal convinces the target to transfer money to a so-called ‘safe account’ to protect their funds from ‘corrupt’ bank staff.

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As a result, despite being questioned by bank staff, the victim will take out cash, convinced that the staff are part of a fraud. A BT internet scam is affecting residents in Dorset.

Many reports have been made from residents across Dorset stating that people claiming to from BT Open Reach are asking for remote access to computers to 'make checks' on things like connection speed, routers and security software. To offer reassurance about the legitimacy of the request, people are being provided with a telephone number to call.

If someone calls you claiming to be a police officer ask for their collar number and surname and check their identity with the police force they are claiming to be from.

Scam warning - Residents are being asked to take part in an undercover fraud investigation at a local branch of a bank.

The scam begins with criminals emailing parents with payment instructions for due schooling fees.

The emails are sent from the school’s own compromised email system, although there have been instances of a similar address being used.

Dorset Police is alerting local residents about the latest phone and online scams across Dorset.

If you think you’ve been a victim of fraud, of any description, contact Action Fraud here.

Scam warning – Parents of children schooled privately are being asked to pay fees which are intercepted by fraudsters.

A scam in which fraudsters contact parents for private schooling fees has been brought to the attention of Dorset Police.

The criminal will state they are investigating a fraud at a local branch where staff are suspected of being complicit, including issuing fake bank notes, and ask the person for their help in the operation.


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