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I was a teenager when this happened, however, I do remember it very well since things like this did not happen in my small town.

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It has potential, but all the cons bugged me enough that I'll have no problem deleting it from my ~cloud~. The author discusses the flooding of the Mississippi River and then says that Vinton flooded in 1993 but Vinton is on the Cedar River.

The work did have a few interesting pieces- "At one point, more than a quarter of I found this book to be disappointing. It wasn't really an investigation of the author's personal feelings.

Over the years Corbett has been haunted by how such a seemingly gentle, loving man could be capable of murder.

She's wrestled with how her mother, who had been involved with the man for years, hadn't seen the signs.

Living less than 3 yeards from where the murder suicide happened, I was excited to read this book.

This 46 page short story was very dissapointing at best.

We all hear about homicides, serial killings, and murder-suicides, but who among us knows a killer, plays with him, watches our mother's heart-rending break-ups with him, or goes to sleep one night while he crashes on the couch in the next room, just hours before committing the deed?

Rachel Corbett for one, and 18 years after Johnson's gruesome act, she embarks on a search for details she had never been told, for the child survivor of the victim, and for the deeper meaning of a murder that could easily have occurred under her own roof.

Many of them moved away to find new jobs, leaving behind so many empty homes that, by 1989, some 10 percent of all houses in town were for sale." (I remember that!

)- "But here, the flat topography was sliced into six-mile-square townships, each divided into thirty-six sections—just the size for a family farm.

It should be titled "Childhood Memories" because only a few pages pertain to the murder suicide.


  1. The treaty was called "The Convention of the Metre".

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