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MPs employ their own staff, but the Commons overhauled its procedures several years ago in a bid to offer around 2,000 House officials more protection from abuse by politicians.

The 'Respect' policy allows for cases against MPs to be taken to the standards committee and ruling House of Commons commission if disciplinary action is deemed to be required.

Theresa May today vowed to act against MPs found to be sex pests and refused to say she has confidence in a serving minister - after a 'dirty dossier' surfaced about Tory politicians.

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Meanwhile, a Labour MP has warned that issues with sexual misconduct in Westminster go much wider - and cases could number in the hundreds.

And another Labour backbencher disclosed she had been harassed at the European parliament.

One MP is said to be 'handsy with women at parties', another 'perpetually intoxicated and very inappropriate with women', one minister was said to have had 'sexual relations with a researcher' and another 'paid a woman to be quiet'.

A former Tory minister was said to have propositioned his secretary by asking her to 'come and feel the length of my c***'.

It is simply not fair on staff, many of whom are young and in their first job post-education.

'We must establish a House-wide mediation service complemented by a contractually binding grievance procedure available for all MPs irrespective of their party banner.'But Mr Bercow put the ball firmly back in Mrs May's court, telling the Commons this afternoon:'In the first instance I hope that parties will live up to their responsibilities, demonstrating both an appetite for change and a practical means of delivering that change without delay.

Theresa May has written to Commons Speaker John Bercow (pictured today) to demand a shake-up of 'toothless' disciplinary procedures.

The House introduced a 'Respect' policy several years ago in a bid to enhance protection for its own staff'I do not believe that this situation can be tolerated any longer.

The list includes two serving Cabinet ministers who are accused of inappropriate behaviour towards women and 18 ministers facing allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour, reports Guido Fawkes.

Another 12 MPs are accused of behaving inappropriately towards female staff, while four are alleged to have behaved inappropriately towards male researchers.

But when staff were asked for their views, the idea produced complaints from women and from men worried about how female colleagues would be affected.

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