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If the product was purchased after May 1, 2007, the map data may be out of date.

Customers can receive a free map update by first registering their Garmin unit at

updating garmin c330-79

Updating garmin c330 Freesex cam no registration

Looks like I need to return the unit and buy a Tom Tom.

Looks like I need to return the unit and buy a Tom Tom. The following is a part of the e-mail I received from Garmin Tech Support after I sent them a copy of my receipt for a C330 purchased 5/22/07: "Thank you for contacting Garmin International, Thank you for sending the copy of the receipt. Once they start shipping you will be able to update the maps on your unit at no charge.

Select updates related to firmware, GPS software, Bluetooth, vehicles and voice languages.

Just a heads up to anyone who recently purchased a C330.

I have NOT installed it yet, as I'm waiting for definative answer on whether you can load lower 48, later load Canada, then load lower 48 again.

I hate to start install without knowing the answer to this.At first, a staff member e-mailed me to say if I submitted a receipt, I would qualify for a free update.After doing so, and not having any response, I called Garmin and spoke with someone who told me it would have to be approved by a supervisor.a free map update disk will then be mailed to the customer.The Garmin website will support this feature beginning August 22, 2007.Choose “Next” again to update the GPS’s software latest version.


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