Friends dating guestbook

A guest book is a great way to look back and remember the people you shared those special moments with on your wedding day.

Traditionally, couples have a sign-in station where wedding guests write a sweet note of congratulations.

*One of the best keepsakes you'll have from your big day is your guestbook.

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It's so easy to store You can literally stick it on a bookshelf and pull it out to reminisce whenever the mood strikes.

Sure it may collect some dust up there, but it's better than trendy autographed art that eventually gets relegated to the garage because it just wasn't your style anymore.

They can simply sign their name, jot a quick note and go.

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For the designed obsessed, it's a timeless choice.4.

It's becoming a rarity What's unique is relative, and these days it seems like more and more brides are thinking outside the box when it comes to their guest book.

Don't write off an old school style guest book just yet, brides!

Even if your wedding is anything but conventional, a classic keepsake could be the missing piece you've been looking for.

Placing the book on a dedicated table with a corresponding sign will alert attendees to its presence and encourage participation.


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