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When the firemen brought out the charred remains of the roast beef, they all believed that it was my dog Beau Beau. For many years it is where both of my sisters and I would choose to go for our birthdays, so that meant at lest 3 times a year.As we returned to the house, their was a big sigh of relief from the neighbors, when Beau Beau jumped out of the car. I also remember trying to get the ring as you went around the carousel.

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I catch up with old friends and family, and one thing is for sure: my Long Island accent will always stay with me. S I see in the past comments alot talk about Pizza places. I remember the ever so high fence around the lot on which the School sat - and the height of the school bus taking me there in the mornings (across the street from our house on 3 Belvedere Drive). Did anyone from LI ever go to Palasades park with the worlds largest salt water pool. One memory I have of you is teaching us several Woody Guthrie songs, among other classic songs. In later years my brothers and our friends would play stickball on the front wall of the school, at least until the Wackenhut Security guards would chase us off, I have been singing the Hawthorn school song almost daily since elementary school. They didn't watch TV, didn't surf, and didn't read newspapers or magazines. Not the same world, ours is gone except in our memories. My Brother's both got to go and I think I was there too but too young to remember.

And I am proud of it because where I live now, everyone knows I am from up north... Even Massapequa has a lot of famous men and women, like Steve Guttenberg and Jerry Seinfeld... I recall playing (cautiously) with the quarter I would get - far too seldom - to pay for ice cream when the Good Humor man would come down the avenue by our house. Being on the playground & having the fire alarm go off. Ahead of its time--as many pools in Fl now are salt water instead of chlorine. Remember she'd pack up the car with the gang and off to tobay we would go! I remember that Massapequa Park would give out poster paint and brushes. I was in the A Cappella choir at Berner till we moved to Tucson. Would you hapoen to have any idea what became of Mr And Mrs Bosco, formerly Miss Stanco before she married him? Freedom Land closed in 1964 and I was only 2 at the time.

The Fifth and Sixth symphonies were both commissioned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra and its music director James Levine, a champion of Harbison’s work.

Under Maestro Levine’s influence, both works feature a vocal component.

Άπληστοι και άθλιοι οι τροϊκανοί, αλλά κυρίως οι τραπεζίτες που διαμαρτύρονται για μισό δισ., την ώρα που ετοιμάζονται να αρπάξουν άλλα 25 δισεκατομμύρια ευρώ, φορτώνοντας με νέα δυσβάσταχτα χρέη τον ελληνικό λαό.

Να παύσει άμεσα ο ελληνικός δανεισμός από το Ταμείο Χρηματοπιστωτικής Σταθερότητας, που μετατρέπει σε κρατικό χρέος το κόστος ανακεφαλαιοποίησης των τραπεζών.

Harbison’s Second Symphony, composed a few years later, is more atmospheric in character, tracing a four-movement course from dawn, through daylight and dusk, to night.

These recordings were made from live performances led by James Levine in fall 2010 as part of the BSO’s two-season survey of the complete Harbison symphonies.

The Third Symphony, dating from 1990, is a compact, five-movement piece whose variety of character can be summed up by Harbison’s movement titles: Disconsolate, Nostalgic, Militant, Passionate, and Exuberant.

The composer’s Fourth Symphony, written in 2004, bears the traces of his preoccupation with 1920s jazz from his years working on the opera "The Great Gatsby", but continues in a different, more “classical” direction.

Please do respond if you share any of these memories! Tom Dean Tackapausha Park - technically Seaford but right on the border. Fishing in the reservoir just east of the railroad station parking lot Don't forget the Baldwin brothers I seem to recall (back in the 60s) there being a small amusement park somewhere on long island named "Dicks Park". When my family moved to Old Westbury, in 1970, Mrs. The diner at the outdoor mall, was great place for any kid to visit because of the ever interesting, wallpaper of dogs playing poker.


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