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A quick recap: After months of escalating hostility toward the Russian cybersecurity company and antivirus maker Kaspersky, including its complete banishment from US government agency computers, the reports that Russia has in fact used Kaspersky antivirus software to probe federal systems for US intelligence secrets.

North Korea, meanwhile, reportedly infiltrated Hauri, a South Korean company that provides antivirus software to that country’s military.

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And like any software, antivirus can’t promise infallibility.

Last year, Google’s Tavis Ormandy discovered critical vulnerabilities across all of Symantec’s antivirus products.

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week, separate reports have indicated that Russia exploited software from Kaspersky Lab to trawl US systems for classified data—in at least one case, successfully—and that North Korea hacked into classified South Korean military files. And though the recent Russian and North Korean incidents involve fairly specific circumstances, they serve as sobering reminders of just how much can go wrong when you grant deep system access to software that may not be as secure as it seems.

While antivirus software ostensibly seems like a benefit—it can stop malware from infecting your computer—many security researchers have expressed reservations about it for years.In short, to achieve your goal of complete protection, you’d have to turn that complex into a Panopticon. It sees all, it knows all, and it has total access.Which means that if and when someone compromises it—like, say, Russian intelligence services—they, too, have system-wide omnipotence.Some of them is providing safe chat sites for their users and some of them not.You will see information on these sites under headers of the sites.And the so-called Double Agent attack, discovered this past spring, demonstrated how a Microsoft debugging tool could be used to turn antivirus software into the ultimate spyware.“It is a complex software, normally.

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