Sirius starmate stuck on updating channels

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We have all heard Mel Karmazin state that more detail regarding Sirius XM Radio would be available after Labor Day.

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This left the window open for speculation, rumor, and simply stated, another period of time where Sirius XM radio stock could blow with whatever winds the marketmakers, a television host, or even an analyst wanted. However, knowing it is stuck, and knowing that it is being traded in a range does not ease the frustration. How long it will remain in a channel is not yet known, but the next major activity is.

Even hot tips whether accurate or not are difficult to prove one way or the other, leaving more frustration. For the past week the stock as bounced around a bit, but accomplished nothing. Labor Day is this Monday, and it is then that the company will begin to roll out more detail.

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  1. The phone calls and texts are connected through a third party and privacy is a huge concern of all these companies.

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