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This article illustrates the relationship between complexity and computer control, and various safety problems and errors that have been reported, and describes studies that address the issue of these modern techniques and whether their complexity does, in fact, result in more errors or safety-related problems.Clinical implications of these results are discussed, as are some of the ways in which the field should respond to the ongoing concerns about errors and complexity in radiation therapy.

INTC chip's a game changer.nearly 50% of applications use AI now.explosive growth of AI market will make it unavoidable for most companies.companies will become more efficient and profitable harnessing AI to their desired effect.

It’s been nearly a year since I published my first Special Report on artificial intelligence and urged readers to buy the processor maker NVIDIA (NVDA) at $68.80.

Now if you click on a product once that site will follow you around for months, appear in the margins of your emails, offering you endless discounts and special deals.

I bought a Dell computer six months ago, and it is still pounding away at me with better offers.

By the third week it was proposing customized cures for advanced cancer patients, which achieved a 33% success rate.

After all, it can read all of the 8,000 cancer papers that are published every day from around the world Scientists say that Watson has so far reached only 1% of its true potential. A clinic can now biopsy your tumor, sequence its DNA, design a custom protein that will target and destroy your personal tumor, mass produce it, inject it in your tumor, and cure you of cancer in a month.

I believe that Watson, and its future offspring, will cure the major human maladies within a decade.

My generation will probably be the last to suffer serious disease.

Now that the stock has tripled, readers are understandably asking me for my second act in the sector. For a start, you could go out and buy NVIDIA again.

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