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The suspensory Cooper's ligaments are fibrous-tissue prolongations that radiate from the superficial fascia to the skin envelope.

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A small-to-medium-sized breast weighs 500 grams (1.1 pounds) or less, and a large breast can weigh approximately 750 to 1,000 grams (1.7 to 2.2 pounds) or more.

The tissue composition ratios of the breast also vary among women.

At the front of the chest, the breast tissue can extend from the clavicle (collarbone) to the middle of the sternum (breastbone).

At the sides of the chest, the breast tissue can extend into the axilla (armpit), and can reach as far to the back as the latissimus dorsi muscle, extending from the lower back to the humerus bone (the longest bone of the upper arm).

Both females and males develop breasts from the same embryological tissues.

At puberty, estrogens, in conjunction with growth hormone, cause breast development in females.

Breasts have been featured in notable ancient and modern sculpture, art, and photography.

Female breasts can figure prominently in a woman's perception of her body image and sexual attractiveness.

During a woman's life, her breasts change size, shape, and weight due to hormonal changes during puberty, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause.


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