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Everything needed to complete that wonderful, nostalgic 1940s to 1960s Vintage Christmas!

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We also carry a selection of antique and vintage Santa Claus figures ranging from small composition, spun cotton and felt fellows dating from the 1920s and 1930s to the fabulous 1940s-1960s era Harold Gale department store display mannequins.

In addition we have a large selection of contemporary hand-crafted Santa and Father Christmas figures by renowned artist Voni.

Its survival almost intact over nine centuries is little short of miraculous ...

Its exceptional length, the harmony and freshness of its colours, its exquisite workmanship, and the genius of its guiding spirit combine to make it endlessly fascinating.

The tapestry consists of some fifty scenes with Latin tituli, embroidered on linen with coloured woollen yarns.

It is likely that it was commissioned by Bishop Odo, William's half-brother, and made in England—not Bayeux—in the 1070s.

Known as 'New Years' ornaments, we have blown glass, spun cotton, and Dresden paper.

Shapes run the gamut from simple blown glass shapes and spheres, colorful glass bead chains, complex glass bead boats, planes, rockets and sputniks, shimmering blown glass or spun cotton fruits and vegetables, flowers and pine cones, and all manner of clip-on whimsical fairy tale characters and elegant snow queens.

Only the figures and decoration are embroidered, on a background left plain, which shows the subject very clearly and was necessary to cover large areas.


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