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You put your trust in Matrix to manage FMLA and state leave requests for your employees and we strive to live up to that trust.

Remember, in addition to our FMLA and state leave of absence services, we also manage ADA accommodation requests, disability claims, workers’ compensation, state paid family leaves, and more.

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My thought was, “This will never amount to anything.” So much for my predictive talents!

Who knew that 25 years later the FMLA would be such a big part of my job every day and such a challenge for employers?

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The law and regulations have gone through 2 major revisions since enactment, adding things like 26 weeks to care for an ill or injured service member and special rules for flight crews.

If you want to learn more about this milestone event, including a “Thunderclap” scheduled for EST on Monday, check out this page on the website for the National Partnership for Women & Families: 25I also want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our clients.

Some time ago we addressed reassignment as an accommodation under the ADA.

We wrote: When good faith efforts during the interactive process fail to yield an effective accommodation for the employee’s current position, the ADA requires an employer to consider a possible accommodation that employers frequently overlook or don’t understand well: .

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has been examined by the U. Supreme Court on two occasions and stipulates the requirements for proper wages, overtime, and compensatory time.


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