Database not updating from stored procedures

The major difference is that UDFs can be used like any other expression within SQL statements, whereas stored procedures must be invoked using the The exact and correct implementation of stored procedures varies from one database system to the other.

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What I have read is that Report Studio does not support data modifiction stored procedures but Event Studio does.

Would be neat to make a drill-thru from report studio to an event studio event that uses the row from report studio as input and then deletes/updates the row in the database.

This can result in a lesser likelihood of data corruption by faulty client programs.

The database system can ensure data integrity and consistency with the help of stored procedures.

Am I on the right path, is there another way or is it simply not possible? But still - it would be nice if the cognos administrator could update some master tables directly from Cognos portal.

Hi, You can update database tables using Report Studio. As you said Report Studio wont support data modification Stored Procedure. Cheers, Rajesh Hi, Thanks for your post - we are trying to achieve similar functionality and are unable to see the SP Query Subject in Report Studio.

Then I would like to click on one row and be able to update or delete it from the database.

My guess is I would have to use a stored procedure to accomplish this.

As a work around create SP which will update database and also fetch data. Can you give us detailed steps of how you were able to update database from Cognos via Report Studio?

Then create Stored Procedure Qury subjent with that SP and make use in your report.

Uses for stored procedures include data-validation (integrated into the database) or access-control mechanisms.


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