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Here are a couple of options for if Fluffy runs away — or how to further memorialize a pet who's now buried in the garden: I was the Managing Editor of Offbeat Home for a year and a half.I have a rich Internet life and also a pretty good real life.He first appears in American Pie where he attempts to offer sexual advice including purchasing and giving his son Jim pornography after finding him masturbating with a pie after being previously told that third base feels like "warm apple pie".

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Saving face, he swallows what is left of his pride and asks Michelle to marry him and gets an erection. He reappears in the fourth film and the first spin off film from the main series, in which he is the camp's MACRO (Morale And Conflict Resolution Officer) and recommends that Matt Stifler start trying to fit in and earn the band's trust.

He appears again in the fifth installment, in which he is presiding over the annual Naked Mile run.

" It would make me feel much better if we all do a nose tap while reading this post. Things to consider when burying a pet: Let's drool over vintage-inspired pet products I'm constantly virtually shopping.

I freaked out when I discovered a wonderful world of vintage-style pet products, along with toys that just cracked my shit...

I have heard many stories of pets being taxidermied, but I just can't deal with that. This option is unorthodox — even more so than mummification.

Most likely, creating a funeral pyre for your pet would not be feasible — legally or practically — but there are be worth researching. We always hope they've been taken in by new families, but their absence definitely leaves a hole.

In the third installment Noah arrives at the restaurant Jim is at to give him the wedding ring he was going to use to propose to girlfriend Michelle.

Jim tries to hide the fact that he is being fellated.

On one hand, I'd have to cut open someone I loved, but on the other…


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  5. The second live show saw injured judge Simon Cowell forced to miss another show after falling down the stairs, with Britain's Got Talent panel member Alesha Dixon stepping in.

  6. Jonny suggested that "society was changing", while Ginuwine added that he "believed it was a choice too".

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