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Git is a source code management system (SCM), basically allowing you to sync your development source with production and staging environments.It has taken over the role of FTP, allowing you to “push” code to “repositories”. It’s an essential part of modern web development — especially Rails.The Dev Kit should now be available for your Ruby tools to use when installing new libraries. In your command prompt, type: This will ensure you’re downloading the correct version of the gem. Let’s install so that those libraries work properly.

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If you do want to do this, there are two options: Press 3 and Enter.

From here, it should work to install the various components of the MSYS2 development toolchain.

Let’s continue on to installing Ruby, Rails, and getting Postgre SQL up and running so that we can use Windows 10 as a development environment for Rails web development.

First we need to make sure that are current install of Bash on Windows is update to date.

Ruby Gems is the repository which stores all the “gems” you can install on Ruby.

These gems are the “plugins” for the language, providing functionality.—As this is a separate package to Ruby, it has to be installed manually: You then need to install GIT.

The best thing to do is download a pre-built version of Ruby.

But it requires MASSIVE amounts of patience in order to get the correct dependencies / libraries installed.

Rails Installer does NOT keep its libraries up to date.—The best thing to do is to download the ZIP version of Ruby Installer.

Whilst there is an installer, it’s better to just download the binaries in the ZIP.

This will focus on installing Ruby, Rails, and getting Postgre SQL to play nicely with Rails and Bash on Windows 10.


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