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All of the tasks presented in the examples can be accomplished with the extensive standard library available in Python.

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Collections of droids, jedis, planets, lightsabers, starfighters, etc.

When programming in Python, these collections of things are usually represented as lists, sets and dictionaries.

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Everything you need to know is right there in the code in a concise and readable form – no need to dig through the docs. List, set, and dictionary comprehensions are available in Python 2.7 and above, but the functions and syntax used in the examples might not be available/valid for other versions of Python. We want a list of all the ways to match up 2 droids from the following list: to do this, but for now let's imagine it doesn't exist and that we have to write our own code for once.

We are trying to have a meaningful conversation with R2-D2, but he just bleeps and bloops in a seemingly random pattern. Let's start out by creating a list of all the possible permutations of 2 droids the old school way: takes an iterable which is exactly what you get from a generator expression).

Cada uno de ellos pensado y cuidado hasta el mínimo detalle, con la máxima intención de que sean una fuente de inspiración para ti a la hora de crear tus looks.

-- The Zen of Python I frequently deal with collections of things in the programs I write.

After scratching our head for a while, we start jotting down the sequence of bleeps 01110011001000000110111001101111001000000010000001101001001000000111001101101110001000000110010100100000001000000110100000100000001000000110010100100000011100100010000000100000011100000110110100100000011011110010000001100011 First initialize a new list. But do we really need to import a class and read the documentation for said class to accomplish this? Dictionary comprehensions can do this: I hope you feel like you now got a comprehensive overview of comprehensions.

For every 8th index in the string we slice a string of length 8 and append it to the list of octets. I urge you to give them a test drive if you haven't already. Let me know how you use comprehensions in the comments section.

I use them extensively, and it's one of the things that keep me coming back to Python.


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