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Some fathers were even jailed if they snitched or created problems.

Even more disgusting, a number of fathers eventually found themselves surrendering their wives, daughters and sometimes son to African lust for six and seven figure contracts.

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Whether for grades, blackmail or from fear, a number of these white darlings were black seduced.

Yet, either they or the families kept it secret in order to maintain the fathers job security.

Although I had traveled in other African countries in the mid 60s and early 90s, most of my hands on experience came from work in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Saudi Arabia.

Due to my expertise and reputation, my services were courted by a number of wealthy and ruling African leaders.

I was surprised at how mature and descriptive Candy, his daughter, was in her sexual accounts and in relaying the actual descriptive experiences of her sisters, brother and other white girls that attended the retreat.

There is not time now to explain but the entire Hart family was truly Africanized during their time in Nigeria.

Vittorio Emanuele Parsi e il vicedirettore del Tg1 Gennaro Sangiuliano hanno commentato a gli interrogativi che la nave italiana di Saipem, bloccata ...

Part 1 : As I mentioned in my previous story, I worked in several African countries from 1971 to 1981 as an engineer and advisor in energy exploration, primarily oil and gas.

This was a fact and many families eventually found themselves trapped in a situation they could never imagine.


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