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Director is Linda Kenny-Sloan who can be reached at: Experimental Spacecraft Society 17701 South Avalon Blvd.Carson, CA 90746 Internet: [email protected] Flies at MTA along with RRS (is PRS a chapter of RRS?They are also the amateur pioneers of hybrids; although GIRD launched a single hybrid, the PRS launched dozens using LOX and douglas fir, presto logs, cerasin wax/cotton mixure, and thiokol rubber.

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It was started circa 1948, technically after the stated 1943 start date of RRS, but all three started about the same time and were incorporated and formalized at different times.

RRI has a non-commercial solid mix facility and launches at Smoke Creek, right next to Black David Crisalli Official History: Chrisali Dosa Ky says Jim Humphries was RRS Historian (deceased).

It is a very old organization by hobby standards with roots dating back to the '50s thus predating hobby rocketry in its current form.

They launch in the Mojave Desert from facili-ties leased from the Reaction Research Society (q.v.).

Descendent of SCRS/GRS/RRS including some after-hours Aero Jet employees Currently owns the "Rocket Ranch" - Adobe Canyon Test Site Described in

HTM Per Jerry Irvine rmr post 1/22/94: I dont have their addresses handy. q=amateur organization&hl=en&group=rec.models.rockets&rnum=7&selm=9507232133. [email protected] amateur group whose purpose is to orbit a small (10" to 16") telescope for use by amateur astronomers.While not directly in the propulsion end of experimental rocketry, it is very much in the same philosophical vein.For more info there is a message on the Pacific Energy voice mail system which can be accessed after 6 PM (Pacific time) on weekdays and any time on weekends (213) 725-1139, ex 777. It is currently trying to arrange a Get Away Special container for a space shuttle flight. The Australian Rocket Society produced the stamps used on the rocket mail.The Secretary is Marcel Verhoef, Delft University of Technology, who can be reached at: Rocket and Space Foundation P. Box 314 3350 AH Papendrecht The Netherlands Internet: [email protected] email from John Stuart: experimental rocket launches held in Queensland Australia from 1934 to 1936. While I have spent quite some time searching the web I can only find information on the mail carried by the rockets and nothing about the rockets themselves.Founded in 1943, members of this Southern California group investigate all forms of reaction based vehicles: solid/liquid/hybrid.


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