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Fourth, much like Kylie Minogue, I will go through long spans of time where I completely forget the existence of Mr. Fifth, Robin Williams was in the video for this song, and since Bobby wasn’t that famous at the time, the assumption is that they knew each other from way back.

There are times when I’d like to be hang out with Bobby Mc Ferrin and Robin Williams, and there are times when I would not.

They weren’t my favorite band at the time, but I give them a lot of credit for crafting a completely original sound. This is one of those uniquely American idiosyncracies, like sweetened peanut butter and Intelligent Design. It is, in fact, the dumbest fucking movie ever made. There have been many dumber movies than “Dirty Dancing”, but there’s never been a more successful, well beloved awful movie than this piece of formulaic, syrupy, badly written trash.

When I inquired as to why, she stammered for a bit, before informing me that “that song… At one time, I had heard of David Lee Roth, but didn’t know anything about Van Halen. Then again, no one had even given “that guy who did that Limp Bizkit song first” a second thought in years at the time of his arrest. had a higher public profile, for heaven’s sake, because it was the ’90s and being the Other Guy From Wham!

They were the ultimate combination of metal and pop.

All right, so the man can sing, but I’ll bet he can only sing when he has the first three buttons on his shirt unbuttoned and a single rose in a crystal vase on top of his piano.

By the way, when Donnie burns down Swayze’s house and they find the kiddie porn dungeon in “Donnie Darko”, the appropriate talk-back line is “Nobody chains Baby in the corner.” We put the top down and park with the moon in the sky And the wind is so hot in our hair, like a fire in july, oh yeah Jennifer’s singin’ “Stand by Me” and she knows every single word by heart Was love always this good, or could this be just the start?

And I’ll bet these three kids wonder why Mommy always turns off the TV and sends them outside to play whenever “Being Bobby Brown” comes on, but they’re a little afraid to ask her. I’ll bet that the members of Icehouse don’t even remember that, at one point, they were in a band called Icehouse. Icehouse Guy is telling the object of his affection that she’s glowing like a novelty neon wall sculpture of a martini glass, and I guarantee you she loved it.

And yet, I’ve got such affection for this song that I once spent an entire night on Napster trying to find someone – – with an MP3 of it. If 1988 had a color, it would be the color of a light-up phone in the suburban bedroom of a girl named Sheila. She may have actually melted, right there, on the spot, into a puddle of Electric Goo.A lot of ’80s songs gave shout outs to classic ’50s and ’60s tunes, and I for one love that.Eric Carmen used to be in a sort-of punk band called The Raspberries, who kind of always wanted to be a ’60s pop band anyway.I once wrote a play about a kid who’s never known his real father and decides that his real dad must be some Jack Kerouac-ian beat poet.He meets a girl and falls in love with her and she convinces him to go searching for Pops. If Debbie Gibson was my first “pure and chaste” crush, Samantha Fox was the first person I was truly aware of who must have had sex.Electric Blue was also the name of some show on the Playboy Channel.


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