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In 2016, she reversed her policy on immigration overnight to welcome in more than a million asylum-seekers from the Muslim world.

It was a widely unpopular move and certainly unsettling for many Germans.

Well before the end of March 2019, the incorrigible complacency of the Brussels establishment could spur a lethal crack across the edifice of EU.

What Britain must do now is make the most of the opportunity presented by the mess that Mrs Merkel finds herself in — to seize the initiative and fulfil what every person who voted for Brexit wanted. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has failed to reach an agreement with the Free Democrat Party and the German Greens.

Since 2005, when she became Chancellor, Angela Merkel has largely ridden roughshod over her political colleagues at home and in the rest of EU.

Then she made two highly personal decisions that are key to her problems now.

It was a widely unpopular move and unsettling for many Germans, writes Mark Almond It is, however, cash that cuts to the quick of German doubts about the EU's future and its place in it.

With Britain leaving the EU, the German taxpayer was obviously going to be asked to pick up much of our tab.

Without that impetus, it is clear the EU project has not just stalled — it is sinking. Some calling for even greater integration, others for letting everyone set their own course.

In essence, Germany's problems can be summed up as the Three Ms: Migration, Money and Merkel.

But we should not heed the siren voices saying that Mrs Merkel's difficulties will make Brexit more complicated.

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