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No skeletal remains in Southeast Asia dated to the Pleistocene epoch have been unearthed that would classified as being indisputably Mongoloid, although skeletal remains dated to this epoch have been found with Mongoloid traits.

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Most exhibit the Mongolian spot from birth to about age four. The concept continues to be in use as a rough categorization of ethnic or racial origin, even though its use even as such in forensic anthropology has been criticized as too vague as the term covers a very large and diverse group of phenotypes.

Mongoloid peoples are the most spread out among all human populations since they have stretched almost completely around the earth's surface.

In 1994, the Mongoloid race, using a broad definition which included indigenous Americans, comprised 34% of the Earth's human population which made it the second most populous race behind Caucasoids who comprised 56% of the Earth's human population at that time.

Johann Friedrich Blumenbach said that he borrowed the term Mongolian from Christoph Meiners to describe the race he designated "second, [which] includes that part of Asia beyond the Ganges and below the river Amoor, which looks toward the south, together with the islands and the greater part of these countries which is now called Australian". In 1909, a map published based on racial classifications conceived by Herbert Hope Risley classified inhabitants of Bengal and parts of Odisha as Mongolo-Dravidians, people of mixed Mongoloid and Dravidian origin.

The concept which is "[t]he important concept" here is that the gradual replacement of Australo-Melanesians by Southern Mongoloids in Southeast Asia was a gradual change in the cline between these two populations.

The earliest systematic use of the term was by Blumenbach in De generis humani varietate nativa (On the Natural Variety of Mankind, University of Göttingen, first published in 1775, re-issued with alteration of the title-page in 1776).

It is today not widely used by anthropologists as its validity and usefulness in classification is considered highly questionable.

Epicanthic folds and oblique palpebral fissures are common among Mongoloid individuals.

Finns (and other Finno-Ugrians in Europe) are now considered typically European.


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