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This guide is intended to help anyone who is creating their first website, likely with Word Press.

It’s the platform we recommend and use for our website.

The thing you need to know is all CMSs have one drawback or the other.

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It is a tad better than the other two when it comes to creating a community of users (like a small social network or tight knit community for your readers) and is far more amenable to creating social websites with a lot of interaction and engagement from users.

It is easier to handle than Drupal and offers more than Word Press in terms of performance and tweakability.

And besides, you can always switch to Drupal at a later date.

Open source and free like the previous two platforms.

You can add plugins to add function to your site, for example a social sharing plugin to help spread the word about your site via social networks.

All of this and more can be accomplished with a Content Management System.

The ideal option for someone who’s creating his or her first website.

It has considerable scalability and works well with low and medium traffic websites.

Once it is installed, you can log in to your site as the admin and add photos, text and other content.

You can use the content you’ve added to create blog posts and other forms of content like a product page or display a work portfolio on your website.

A CMS is way more than just a means to an end, you can install a theme which is a modified template to suit the specific niche and purpose of your site.

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