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You have to replace a broken horseshoe, shampoo the horse's flowing manes, and brush its beautiful coat. It's always a surprise who or what Sery will be asked to play next.

Polish the horse's hooves and choose stylish new gear to get ready to go horse riding! In the makeover game Sery Actress Dolly Makeup, you can give this girl a new makeover for every role.

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Open the surprise boxes and see what lipsticks, wigs, mascara, eye shadow, and costumes you have to work with for Sery's next assignment. Have you ever wondered what it would by like if Ariel and Jasmine swapped clothing for a day?

In the fun dress-up game Jasmine and Ariel Wardrobe Swap you can try it out. Select the cutest outfits from each princess' wardrobe! Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your…no, wait, that’s another story!

Elsa and Anna have lots of cute and funny pajama's, and you can try them all! In the fun room decoration game Baby Room Designer, Elsa takes on a new career as an interior designer of baby rooms after her sister Anna and her husband Kristoff have announced they are having a baby.

Can you help Anna decorate a wonderful baby room full of colorful furniture and toys?

Once that’s done, get them tucked up in bed with colourful sleeping bags and sleep masks.

Finally choose a relaxing activity to cap off their evening – diaries, scented candles or, maybe not so relaxing, a bedtime snack of popcorn and soda! Help the girl care for her horse in the fun game Horse Care and Riding.These princesses are eager to post photos of their holidays on Instagram, so they NEED to be well dressed in Couple Travel Selfie.Jack Frost took Elsa skiing, and Aladdin took Jasmine to the beach.Mix and match the different facial features, skin colors, and hairstyles. Do you want to be an evil character, or are you more of a good-guy type?Choose different clothing, faces, haircuts, accessories, and backgrounds.Go to the mall and help them both try on some nice shirts, sweaters, and accessories.


  1. The inventory information such as book categories and the number of books in each category is displayed in the Web home page (see Figure 1).

  2. While the water never came in contact with the patient, the aerosol spread by the fan directly contaminated the surgical wound.

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